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Which Feng Shui Colours to Choose for Blissful Home Interiors?

Feng Shui colours are not meant to only spruce up your home interiors but make you blissful from within. With so many fashionable feng shui commodities out in the market that are visually attractive and are used more as decor items without knowing its reason. But it is a science and art that aims at balancing the natural energies to gift you with a stable and happy life.

Your physical aspirations such as money, happiness, sense of clarity or balance in life can be attributed to specific colours in Feng Shui. Colour has an intense effect on human emotions and energy levels. No single set of colours is fit for each and every house and the same applies to the feng shui stuff as well. And that is why some homes do not witness the desired change despite the presence of all feng shui goodies. What may be lacking in your home might not be the same for the other. Thus, you need to select colours accordingly for which, comprehensive knowledge is required.

Here we have discussed different colours with similar Feng Shui aspects so that you can create individual colour schemes for your home interior. For instance, purple is associated with royalty and divinity that makes it your pick for ensuring good luck or fortune.

Silver and gold hues symbolize wealth while green indicates abundance and money. Black signifies the water element which is the same as money according to Feng Shui. Purple also befits the purpose. The right selection of colours for furnishings, decor and walls is important to uplift the ambience than worsen it while you are giving your home a makeover even if Feng Shui isn't a priority for you.

Not to Ignore the Front Door

The colour of the front door is often the last to be decided but had you known it is considered the gateway of opportunities you would definitely like to revive the entrance by painting the door green or black that is significant as has been discussed earlier. Green will give a muted look while black will pop out but both have the same effect. A deep red would also look sophisticated but make the selection based on what you want the most.

All-White Kitchen

Using white all over the kitchen including the countertops and cabinetry highlights the colour of the food and you become aware of whether the kind of items you are consuming is actually healthy for the body or not? Try and avoid black granite or dark wood.

Love Paint the Bedroom

The colour pink symbolizes love according to Feng Shui. For those who need romance in the air, no shade can vie for creating such an ambience in your bedroom other than pink and peach. Choose lavish and soft bedspreads in similar hues or light grey to balance the look. But those who find this colour palette very feminine can get green linens for restoring vitality.

Happy-Go-Lucky Living

The living room is a melting pot receiving the energies of different people both family members and outsiders. That is why it is important to use Feng hui compatible colours in this room such as greens and bright blues that attract positive energy to ensure happiness into your home. Use nature-themed wallpapers with floral and bird prints.

Creative Home Office

Feng Shui associates white with creativity. Thus, keeping the colour predominant in your home office, you can add in green that is also symbolic of growth, black and purple being related to money and clarity, respectively. A hint of earthy tones will prevent you from getting stressed at work.

Indulging Bathroom

Feng Shui colours for bathroom cover earthy hues, blues, greens including seafoam green, taupe, grey and black. The significance of these colours have already been mentioned but more than anything else, these hues help you achieve a tranquil, spa-like environment with the mood of a beach. Even if you are not planning a full-fledged renovation at the moment, you can implement these hues in the form of bath accessories, shower curtains or towels.

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