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What to Do When You Can’t Bear a Bedroom Smaller than Your Expectation?

Finding the right home at the right price is no less than an ordeal these days. You have to compromise on the room size or the location or your budget and usually the first of these three is chosen by most of us.

What could be more irritating than having to retire into a clogged bedroom after all the stress you have undergone throughout the day? Thus, we have come up with some useful interior decor ideas to help you cope with such a situation.

Light Colour Palette

If you were dazzled by wallpaper in your relative's master bedroom that won't necessarily appear the same in your bedroom. In fact, it will make the space busy and constricted. Keep the colour scheme light but strictly avoid brilliant white. Select a neutral or soft hue for a cosy ambience arising out of relatively airy and brighter space. Bold shades make a statement in large rooms while they tend to shrink the size of smaller ones.

Furniture that Fits

A king-size bed with an elaborate headboard occupying almost a wall is a ridiculous choice when a double-bed can suffice your requirements. Play your fascination to the extent the room allows you the freedom of space, in selecting a wall-mounted headboard. Low-height bed and furniture is an out-an-out trend that is most appropriate for your small room. Not only does it look uber-cool but the chances of accidental falls also go down. Unnecessary items are least welcome. Use floating bedside or dressing table for uninterrupted visibility of the remaining floor space.

Acoustic Flooring

Carpet-covered floor absorbs the surrounding sounds that result in a sense of a cramped space. Small area rugs don't completely hide the hard finish of the floor, especially if it is of natural wood, the acoustic balance is maintained.

No Hanging Lights

Lampshades or pendant lights hanging from the ceiling usually give an impression of the low height of any room. In-built small lights are preferred for the ceiling while you can have a floor lamp adjacent to the bed making a statement. If you are truly into the habit of bedtime reading then place a table lamp only on any one of the floating bedside tables.

Less Crowded Walls

Decorate only one wall while the other three can remain bare. Your bedroom is no art gallery that you will have to fill it with family photo frames all around. Nothing else is required other than a single large piece of contemporary wall art or painting to enhance the space visually.

Wise Storage

Use any of the remaining bare walls to create a partial alcove and niches for storing as well as displaying stuff. All of these together will come together to form a piece of a largescale art in itself. Plan closed compartments or drawers depending on the height of your bed to hide things that are not required at hand all the time.

Discard Curtains

The long flowing curtains, especially with their shadows appear more or less like a giant in a small bedroom. A little investment in natural wood blinds is worth the classy rustic dimension it imparts and controls the penetration of sunlight in the best possible manner unlike the curtains when kept closed.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Whether it is the story of Snow White or real life, mirrors always create magic in home interiors. So, why not try out the same in your bedroom? Hanging a mirror on the wall opposite to the window or any source of light will produce an illusion of enlarged space through optimal reflection.

So, cheer up and implement these tips. You will find that your bedroom has entirely transformed from the small crib it was, to a more breathable room. For more ideas contact, your interior design specialist in town.

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