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What is an Ideal Bedroom According to Home Interior Design?

It doesn’t matter how big or small, expensive or inexpensive your bedroom interior is. It can set standards only if it possesses all of the following features that have been discussed here.

Wall Mirror

Other than dressing up, the mirror makes you intimate with your reflection to explore the thoughts and emotions running within you since the bedroom is the only place to be all by yourself. Besides, the reflection on it expands the room by creating an illusion of space.

The Mattress

It is rather the ‘mistress’ of the bed and any compromise in its quality will be counted as a major flaw. Not only a costly headboard but also the bed linens and furnishings are the parameters of a perfect bedroom. This investment is of top priority for maintaining the functionality of a bedroom apart from its appearance.

Bedside Add-On

Even if you don’t wake up thirsty at midnight or don’t require anything at hand while on the bed, it is a ritual to have bedside tables. Reduce it to one if your room doesn’t have space for two units on either side of the bed. This minor piece of furniture serves as an important accessory to the decor depending on its shape, structure and the materials used such as lucite legs or mirrored surface. But make sure that it blends with the room’s colour palette or decor theme.

A Comfy Seating

The bedroom is not merely a sleeping station but also a room for carrying out the activities you enjoy such as playing video games, sipping coffee or reading book. Depending on the available space, this feature must be planned in the layout so that you have adequate space left even after placing the bed.

Foot Rest

Other than the flooring type, the moment you step down from the bed or resting your feet while sitting. You must have rugs well distributed on the floor and select a quality that is both soft on your feet and easy to clean. Dirt accumulating rugs become hard with time and tarnish the beauty of the floors.

Artistic Lighting

Mood and task lighting are bedroom essentials irrespective of the type of light fixtures you use. But a bit of investment in a stylish floor lamp or pendant lights is worth the aura it will create. Intelligent positioning of lights needs to be factored in, thereby requiring the assistance of a professional.

Personalized Decor

The bedroom being a personal space is not ideal if it is unable to depict your personality, likes or dislikes. Put this theory into practical use by decorating the wall with a painting of yours or famous record covers of the music you are a fan of. Do as you wish to.

Specks of Green

This is a must-have in the bedroom for a healthy you. Green plants soothe the eyes, improve the eyesight, relieve you from stress and purifies the air in the room amidst the pollution outdoors. Place a ladder in the corner adjacent to the window for arranging small pots in a pyramidal shape or simply place a tiny planter on the bedside table.

Designer Drapes

Drapes not only keep the sunlight and summer heat in check but also contribute to the room’s elegance and beauty. Paired with cotton or silk drapes, white sheers act as a light facade against the outside view and maintain privacy.

If your bedroom needs a makeover or is lacking in any of the above-mentioned features then hire home decor services in Kolkata from Beautifying the home isn’t just about spending money but to rethink over what you have.

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