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Tips to Make Every Room in the House a New

The interior design of any room is an ensemble of furniture, furnishings, lighting, painting, put together in the manner that will create a difference to the eyes. Budget is a factor but splurging money isn’t a necessity to get an exuberant home interior.

A Twist in the Living Room

Life today indeed revolves around the idiot box these days and that has caused the home theatre to take the centre stage in most living rooms. But you can break this tradition by arranging the furniture around the outdoor view. Let your TV escape the eyes of others when not at all required, by hiding it behind the cabinetry. Keep the wall free from the sofa and choose a curved design instead of a straight line to avoid rigidity in movement and conversation. Down throw cushions not just provide comfort but act as accents to the furniture and don’t forget to choose cosy fabrics.

A Bathroom to be Sought After

Investment in white mosaic marble is worth it, but if you aren’t willing to splash out on it then neutral-toned marbles such as Dolomite or Calacatta is favourable. Instead of changing the cabinetry or tiles that involve significant expenses, replace the old wallpaper with a new one or can paste one afresh altogether since the options are endless.

A small tip to those starting from scratch and want to create an exceptional bathroom within a surprisingly reasonable budget. Opt for a black and white theme, which will use only tiles made of ceramic or porcelain that can be maintained with ease and are not very expensive at the same time.

A Tied-Up Kitchen

An open-kitchen has become the tradition and fits into the most compact of apartments. Whatever be the size or space available, the flow and functionality should be uninterrupted. That is the secret to an excellent kitchen interior decor. If you have enough space to play with then ensure a symmetry is maintained through proper dispersion of appliances, furniture and cabinetry.

The kitchen island is a perennial trend that not only allows adequate area for preparation apart from the countertops but also an inviting space to chomp on your morning breakfast. Appropriate lighting fixtures for each section is not a decorative aspect but is essential, too. Complement a dominance of wood with a mix of textures and metals for an interesting frame.

Bedroom Both Stylish and Tranquil

Changing the furniture from time to time is neither practical nor feasible but you can work on the lighting, art or textiles. Make way for a couple of pendant lights and also include dimmer switches to set the mood right as and when needed. One meaningful artwork on the wall can draw attention instead of a buy mural or a crowd of wall decal patterns. Shades of blue and sand are welcome as these offer natural vibes that are soothing to your stressed nerves. Pillows and knitted throw rugs are great accessories for the bed if selected appropriately in terms of colour and material.

Home Office Mustn’t Look Corporate

Personal photo frames and green plants are sufficient to light up the office space that doesn’t leave you homesick. Neutral or light hues on the walls will make the space bright and encourage a free flow of the mind, especially if the desk and chair are arranged next to the window so that you have a natural view to inspire you. Ergonomic furniture is recommended and task lighting with a soft glow is necessary for working late at night. The floor or ceiling light should be enabled with a dimmer switch to maintain an undisturbed environment.

Is your problem resolved? For solutions to any other, contact, your professional interior designer. Backed by a team of seasoned experts, spatial challenges are met with innovative decoration ideas to transform your home into what you desire.

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