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Nothing But Mirrors Only to Decorate Your Home Interiors

Right from the pages of the fairy tales to the walls of your home, mirrors continue their magic. These days, mirrors range in a multifarious range to fit every theme or type of decor. Whether intricately framed or simply plain, these pieces of glass left behind any other commodity in terms of their functionality and charm. Here, we have guided you with interior design ideas about how to incorporate mirrors in every room of the house.


The backsplash is the ultimate area to be utilized when the mirror is thought of as a decor item in the kitchen. The twinkle of the mirror subway tiles will instantly revamp the look of the room and add openness to it which, has so far appeared cramped due to the chain of overhead cabinets that store all the required stuff.

Increase the Number of Windows

Modern apartments suffer from space limitation irrespective of their sizes, in comparison to the independent houses and the mirror is just appropriate to trick the eyes with a larger space than the original. Select mirrors of the shape and size same as that of the windows to create a couple of extras but always remember not to bump into them. The floating TV mirror is a new kid on the block and is sure to stun those who visit your home. This is cost effective as well since you won’t have to keep it on all day long. With images from the window being reflected on it, the display is natural.

Fill Up Your Gallery

Replace those queer artworks or framed photographs hanging all over the wall, by mirrors. If you are using mirrors of the same shape then opt for a variety of frames but they need to be alike for mirrors of different sizes. These mirrors will not only add brightness to your home but your lives too, every time you see the reflection of your smiling faces on them. Photographs are a display of emotions that grow old with time and you have to update them. Then why waste money when you can witness every little emotion of yours on the mirror?

Focal Point

Television or any heavy artwork mounted on the wall of the living or the bedroom is not the only cliche but it disturbs the serenity of the room. But you can break free from this age-old concept by choosing an oversized mirror with an eye-catching frame. Either hang it on the wall or place a floor mirror against it.

Incorporate in Furniture

A single item of mirrored furniture in a room is enough to make it visually spacious and open. For instance, a mirrored console would totally transform the entryway while a dining table with a mirror edge is gorgeous and majestic without the further need of ornamentation in any other object of the room.

Have you now got sufficient an idea as to how you can use mirrors in the right manner without turning your home into a glass shop? Contact transterior, one of the reliable interior design companies, whenever you face an issue of a home renovation or decorating it from scratch.

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