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Isn’t Your Home Interior Cool and Airy this Summer? Try These Out

Modern lifestyle comes with its own torments and the air conditioner is one of them that you think you can't do without. It appears more indispensable to you than your soul mate, which unfortunately hampers your health the most in the long-run.

If you are keen on curtailing your electricity costs, the lion's share of which is attributed to the AC, then find out exciting ways to keep the scorching heat outside at bay. When you cannot help but embrace this sultry weather then do it willingly through these easy home decor tips as have been elaborated here.

Ensure Breathability

Air conditioning presses upon keeping windows closed even during the early hours of the morning, thereby depriving you of the naturally cool breeze. So, don't mind investing in sheer and cotton fabrics of fine quality in pastel shades and whites for your window drapes. Use breathable materials such as bamboo shades or jute screens and feel the magic of fresh air without the burning effect of the sun.

Humidity Control

More than heat, it is the humidity in the air that is hard to overcome but an air conditioner is never capable of drawing it out and a dehumidifier not only serves this purpose but also prevents damage of your valuables by removing grime and dust.

Paint the Walls Afresh

The dry season being, the most appropriate for painting the walls, gives you a chance to think over the colour of your walls once again. Choose your pick from sky blue, beige, aqua or pastel yellow that will reflect heat and also make the room appear brighter.

Enticing Spots at Home

You need not wrap up your entire house with wallpapers but doing up certain areas such as the foyer or the wall space above a chest of drawers can appear vibrant when using pastel shades with bizarre repetitive prints that are fun looking at. The best part is that you can change the theme whenever you wish to.

Comfort Bedding

The lavish look of polyester, satin or silk is not at all pampering since you will only sweat lying on such a bed without a good night's sleep. Cotton and linen are the topmost breathable materials especially those are light in colour. These allow substantial airflow and facilitate proper ventilation providing all the comfort you need.

Update Your Furniture

Sleek furniture with least detailing makes the room less busy and add openness to the room, which is desired the most during summers. But if you aren't planning to update the existing pieces of furniture then change the upholstery fabrics for ones that are heat-proof and do not get stuck to you, such as linen or cotton. Select from warm colours such as orange, white, cream and yellow that bring joy to life and are also soothing at the same time. A multi-coloured woven fabric in the form of a pouffe would pop up amidst the rest of the decor.

Infuse a Soft Feel

Accessorize the rooms with nothing extra but all that is needed such as lampshades, area rugs and cosy cushions in floral prints, which absolutely fit the summer to bring down the stress caused by the sweaty weather, especially during the daytime. Fresh flower bunches in crystal or white vases are welcome to the dining table as these offer an aura of Spring even when the season isn't in.

Grin with Green

Sprinkling greens here and there within the house will shower in calmness and soothe your nerves no matter how fatiguing the weather be outside. Window planters help in enhancing the circulation of air at home as well as purifying it. Species such as ficus, aloe vera, areca palm with a high rate of transpiration are capable of reducing toxins in the air. Thus, you not just feel cool but also live in a healthy environment. Plants in hanging pots and sheer white curtains are the best match for any window seating.

Have these tips helped you or you crave for more? Contact us at transterior, your experienced interior designer to make you fall for your home once again through our ever-new ideas that don't require you to spend a fortune.

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