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Interior Updating Tips to Avoid Money Go Down the Drain

Decorating your new home from scratch in a modern way does not always have to be a pie in the sky. There are numerous means of beautifying it, some of which are easy and not that expensive even like the ones we have discussed here. Take a look at these subtle interior design ideas.

Colour Selection

You will find a sea change once the walls have not only been painted but some texture is also added to them. You need not go for costly finishes or paints but simply play with a designed roller painting brush on the accent wall of the room. To make every space in the house retain its uniqueness, do not repeat the same technique for all walls. Painting an accent wall distinctly for the rest is also a trend while a nicely painted exposed brick wall is charmingly rustic. Make sure that the furnishings are contrasting in colour for a balanced look.

Healthy and Happening

The phrase ‘hot and happening’ slightly gets twisted here as an introduction for indoor plants. Trinkets in matching the colour with that of the furnishings or the wall paint only form clutter with time by collecting dust. The money thus spent is a wastage instead use colourful pots for indoor plants that will regenerate the supply of oxygen in the room. Is maintenance a worry? Then succulents are the ultimate alternative.

Plate it Up

Buy decorative plates not for serving your food but as food for the walls. A gallery of framed photographs or heavy wall art is a common sight even in the lavish living rooms. Make heads turn by creating a pattern out of the arrangement of decorative plates that are available in a variety of style and are priced reasonably. A mirror with a designed framed is a style statement for the dining or the bedroom wall. It is also functional in brightening up and visually expanding the area of a room.

Lights that Bring Life

LED has already gained popularity over the years for its cost-effectiveness but did you know about it being sufficiently fashionable to add zing into home spaces. Give a glow to the bed headboard with pearl white strip while the geometric lamps will accentuate the ceilings with sublime sophistication.

Fun with Wall Graffiti

This is the apt way of speaking your mind out in a nutshell through sketches, quotes, notes or scribbles. A slate chalkboard mounted on the wall of the dining space or kitchen looks cool and brings relief from monotony.

Utilize Corner Spaces

Usually, the focus lies on how to fill the floor space with rugs or furniture items due to which, the potentiality of corner spaces are left ignored. The result is a cramped room with a little area left for free movement. From the ancestral corner table to the contemporary floor lamp, anything can fit in a corner to impart the room its glam quotient without making it busy.

Personalise the Space

Personal collectables or accessories are the best decorative items when compared to those mere showpieces or handicrafts. Exhibiting your prized possessions such as books, DVDs or accessories that reflect your tastes, makes your living space all the more special.

Hope, you have got a solution to your problem. Visit, one of the local interior designers, that solely understands your need of the hour to revive your home at your desired budget. From suggestion to execution, we offer all the required assistance so that you are burdened the least and never reluctant to plan home renovation in future.

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