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Interior Design Tips to Make Your Bathroom a Romantic Getaway

With the bathroom being the most intimate place in the house second to the bedroom, it is natural for us to seek refuge in it whenever we are emotionally high or low. Even the excitement of meeting 'him' or 'her' for the first time needs a celebration when you want no one around except the feeling, it definitely calls for a rejuvenating bathroom interior. The beach being, the perfect spot to chill on every occasion, is the chosen theme and we have discussed how to achieve it at home.

Make Enough Room

Whether you are alone or with that special one, first and foremost the clutter has to be moved out of sight. Utilize the wall space to include the wash basin within a wooden storage ledge against the wall. Keep a minimum thickness of the surface to incorporate closed compartments where your towels and other toiletries will stay hidden. Earthy hues enhance the beachy impact and the colour of light wood is appropriate. Place a couple of palm leaves in a vase instead of flowers to enhance the authenticity of the ambience.

Shore on the Floor

A pebbled flooring is quintessential since you cannot bring the sand in to walk over it. Go for a natural finish that feels comfortable on the feet and appears enticing at the same time. As you step the bathroom you get enchanted by the feeling of talking a long beach walk with your partner.

Your Dream Wall

When standing on the beach, the sea serves as the backdrop for clicking pictures. In your bathroom, the shower wall is the canvas that you can paint with your vivid imagination. In this case, not the use of paint but antique pearl mosaic tiles in aqua blue would bring out the watery effect but only to the extent they are not overbearing. Balance it off with a ceiling-to-floor glass wall for a brighter and open appearance, much like the beach.

Pave Way for Natural Light

Utilize the empty space above the vanity ledge by hanging a wall-to-wall mirror, which will add to the brightness of the room by reflecting as much as possible light coming from outside. The area will expand visually and that is what you need the most when you aren't single in here. Treat the window with bamboo shades for optimum entry of natural light and air. It reflects the tropical calmness.

A Passionate Drench

You can feel the same inside the bathroom as you do under the shower in the open right after dipping in the sea by incorporating a glass sunroof. Hum or whistle undisturbed in your imagination and enjoy the drizzle.

Elegance of Tub

The entire decor is incomplete without a fascinating freestanding bathtub to soak in the fragrant froth caused by the use of aromatics or rose petals, whichever the way you like it. So, don't forget to invest despite the provision of the shower because both have their distinct charm both in terms of aesthetics and romance. After all, you don't bathe standing in the sea water but lie down. Imagine doing the same in a whirlpool tub.

Minimal Lighting

If you have a fascination for overhead pendant lights or chandelier, then don't forget to enable it with a dimmer switch for restrained or playful lighting when in the shower or the tub. Let not the beauty of the night sky visible through the sunroof get marred by unnecessary brilliance of artificial lights. Skylights are the most appropriate for the ceiling.

Accessories to Set the Mood

The usual romantic scents of rose or sandalwood do not sync with the beach theme. Try the reed diffuser instead for the genuine beach fragrance. Top it off with fine instrumental music flowing straight from the music player in your bedroom by mounting speakers near the ceiling or placing the portable ones at the vanity.

Wasn't that a cost-effective plan for your weekend romance sojourn? For more ideas, stay hooked to, one of those interior design firms that you can rely on. Our every step is aimed at reviving the lost sweetness of your home.

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