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How to Shape Up Your Kitchen to a New Appetizing Tune?

For all those unserious cooks out there, the kitchen interior design needs to be highly inspiring. It is also a room that determines your return on investment in a property through its influence on your home’s resale value.

Overhead Cabinets vs Shelving

Cabinetry not only provides kitchen storage but also serves as the focal point of the room. Mid Century Modern is undoubtedly class but if you don’t want your kitchen too much packed up then set up open shelving units made of rough-cut wood overhead and pair it with painted lower cabinets. The two-toned look is a fashion these days. Besides, the closed cabinets often make the kitchen appear cramped, especially if it is small.

A Countertop to Count On

More than the kitchen flooring, it is the countertop that feels the overall burden with the cooking stove sitting on it and the daylong activities carried out by you. You won’t mind investing in a quartz countertop since it is anti-microbial and very hard, as well. Besides, maintaining it doesn’t require working your fingers to the bone.

An Island in the Kitchen

The single level kitchen island is never out of trend. In fact, it appears really cool as a spot for enjoying your detox drinks on a pack of cards or evening snacks right from the oven to the plate apart from being the usual preparation area. But make sure to give it a wood finish, which is not similar to that of the cabinets. An antique or detailed piece would be ideal to impart the warmth that the kitchen needs.

Easy Pulls for Cabinets

Whether contemporary or vintage, broader pulls for cabinets are essential for smooth functioning on a day-to-day basis. Choose types that will hold all your fingers within comfortably while opening and closing the cabinet doors or drawers.

White Appliances

These are unbeatable beauties of any kitchen despite demanding some serious attention from you to keep them spotlessly clean. Go for appliances and even cooking wares in white that are embellished with copper, brass or rose gold accents.

Colour that Speaks Sophistication

Whites are indigenous to kitchens for the much needed airy and bright ambience that not just appetizes your belly but your eyes too. Weekly cleaning of the countertops and backsplashes will keep the more likely blemishes in our Indian kitchen at bay.

Functional and Aesthetic Lighting

Lighting fixtures in the ceiling are not enough for working properly in a kitchen. Install integrated lighting underneath the overhead shelving units and inside the lower cabinets/ drawers. Place wall sconces in a manner that the light falls on the open shelves, thereby displaying the contents placed on them and you can figure them out with ease. Accentuate the kitchen island by hanging pendant lights with iron-work fixtures, overhead.

Aren’t the tips too simple to follow for making your kitchen a new on a whole, again? If you are on the way to find interior decorator then get in touch with for the most refreshing styles and cool tips to revamp your home in the blink of an eye.

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