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How to Induce a Rustic Touch to Modern Home Interiors?

What appears to your mind the moment you think of a farmhouse? I guess you get a flashback of those Bollywood movie scenes of the dining or tea table chatter with friends and family gathering there. Such scenes can be recreated in real life as well, in the weekends, say on a Sunday brunch. But often you have had to drop the plan due to the absence of the desired home decor. The farmhouse theme is a classic style that can beautifully amalgamate modern features to produce an offbeat look. We have elaborated simple steps to help you achieve the desired ambience. Take a look.


The modern apartment resembles the traditional farmhouse in terms of the kitchen that acts as a socializing space. In a room where the dining table is of paramount importance, you won't mind investing in a live-edge wooden table for giving the required rustic texture to the room and paint it in white or any other chalky hue. You may or may not repaint it from time to time since the paint chipping off with time adds a different charm to it altogether.

The days of formal seating have gone and its the time to mix and match furniture. Revisit your college canteen memories sitting on a bench at one side of the dining table while you can arrange the existing chairs on the other side. Keep a couple of vintage chairs from flea markets at hand to use them as eye-catchers on those occasional gatherings.

Make New Out of Old

Do not discard any of your vintage possessions especially furniture items, those one or two pieces that you might have inherited, because of their rare quality. Instead, carve out something new out of the old that will not just be attractive but certainly comfortable. For instance, an armoire from the past can be transformed into an entryway closet. Use old-fashioned jars to devise lighting fixtures that look chic and are appropriate for the contemporary version of the farmhouse theme of decor.

Save on Space with Barn Doors

The barn doors with their typical farmhouse earthy look are the ultimate match to fit in this type of home decor. Using them for all the rooms will also help you save that bit of extra space that you would otherwise have to allow for leaving the doors open. You can make the doors magical that would fully disappear when painted in the same white that you have on your walls. These sliding doors act as good dividers at times when you want to divide a common area into two rooms. Reclaimed wood is the material to look when you are shopping for barn doors unless you already have them and complement it with traditional wrought-iron hardware.

Update Light Fixtures and Hardware

Lighting fixtures have a major role to play. So, be prepared to invest in a variety of them such as the ancient styled wall sconces for the study room or the foyer. Hang seeded glass pendant lights over the kitchen island while an oversized chandelier becomes the attraction of the dining area with its countryside look.

Do not forget to change the door knobs and handles because despite being minute in respect to the other additions you need to make, these are intriguing to the sight. Replace them with iron or brass hardware. The faucets in the kitchen and bathroom too, need a makeover and what could be better than oil-rubbed bronze to comply with the look?

Uncover the Walls and Floors

The base of farmhouse decor lies in keeping the appearance of your home interiors natural as far as possible without hindering the modern arrangements. An exposed brick surface would be the ultimate accent wall for the living room. To break the monotony, paint the exposed walls in white or any other earthy hues. Nothing beats hardwood floors to maintain the aesthetics of modern farmhouse decor but if you aren't willing to spend on it at the moment then faux hardwood vinyl flooring is certainly the best option.

Try working on neutral colours and different textures for that absolute countryside feel at your home. For any assistance or suggestions you need, get in touch with us at We provide beneficiary and over-the-top interior design services that are actually solutions to all your home designing headaches.

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