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How Should Your Home Dress Up this 2021 ?

If the interior of your home has finally caught your eye after having slept through all these years, then the situation is really irksome. This is 2021 when 'home renovation' is the other word for 'spectacle'.

Wait, wait, wait…don't cry out in despair. There is always a way out no matter how aged your home interior is.

Size Up Your Living Room

Floral pattern walls are timeless but the innovation lies in using them against a contrasting hue for the walls and the furnishings in the room. Yellow background with dense white and light grey flowers would spontaneously complement the rest of the room through all the seasons of the year. Yellow and grey is definitely the signature colour combo of 2021, as say the experts.

Velvety is Funky

Replace your age-old sofa in the drawing room with a new and spacious velvety couch with tufted upholstery in a colour that is in sync with the colour palette of the room. It gives a royal look without taking the decor behind the time when coupled with pouffes or sleek chairs occupying very little floor space on the other side.

Kitchen with Earthy Hues

The trend of metallic accents has changed from rose gold in the last year to copper in 2021. Unlike the countertop backsplash, hanging elegant copper lampshades over the kitchen island or dining table is easy and less expensive. Leaving the rest of the kitchen stark white will create magic, you bet. It is cost-effective as well since you will only need to paint the cabinets without having to re-construct or shape them.

White is the most sought after hue this year when it comes to the kitchen backsplash. Marble will help you achieve an upscale look that defies time. Only invest a few minutes in cleaning the backsplash on a regular basis to keep it blemish-free.

Bewitching Bathroom

Over the years, the bathroom has become much more than mere utilitarian space. Even if minor changes are not possible to revamp it, invest once in a lifetime to create a beach theme that is refreshing, stylish and yet not ornamental. Glossy tinted surfaces and faux wooden cabinetry occupying both the wall space with the passage in the middle leading to the door, make the bathroom visually organized and spacious, too. Try your hand at it.

Geometric Patterns Take the Floor

Muted colours on the walls rule 2021 and in such a state, patterned area rugs are the eye-catching props to break the monotony in a subtle way without the use of any colour whatsoever. Woven fabrics add detail even when merely lying on the floor.

Basic Designs for a Classy Bedroom

The decor trends of 2021 allow generous use of rich colours against neutral canvasses. A dark shade of blue would play majestic in combination with white and light grey. Fuse it with a soft lustre through the use of velvet carpet or rugs and a pillow to throw in. Furniture should be sleek, minimal and not more than that is necessary.

Long Falling Window Drapes

Get fabrics of your choice and colour that match surroundings to drape your windows gracefully from as high as above the curtain rod to down on the floor. An underlying sheer white curtain is a must to allow natural light and air even when the sun is high and also to add elegance.

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