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Enjoy the Charm of Exposed Brick Wall at Home without the Fear of a Cramped Room

Don't get disappointed at the look of the exposed brick wall if your house is quite old. This is an impressive feature and you are blessed. If it has exposed in parts then break the plaster to expose the wall fully for a charming contemporary accent wall. A painted brick wall is also in fashion but the limitation of such wall is that if the room isn't taller or adequately spacious, it will appear constricted. Here are some interior decorating tricks to avoid narrowing down of the room space.

Light–hued Drapes

The same technique of visually increasing the room height can be applied here. That means hang long curtains from a certain distance above the window frame and let them kiss the floors. Not only apply this to windows but the exposed brick wall as well. Thin fabrics and sheer drapes will work out best in keeping the openness of your home intact despite the presence of the brick wall.

Soft-Toned Floor Finishes

Keep the flooring light in colour so that it can reflect light and make the room bright and airy. Finishes like white tiles, bright hardwood are appropriate choices to go for. Even the area rugs that you select, must not be of deep or bold shade.

Accessorize with Mirror

Mount or lean mirrors either on the exposed brick wall or on any other wall that is opposite to the window in the room. The reflection on the mirrors would create an illusory space, thereby expanding the size of the room instead of confining it.

Clever Lighting

Use track lighting with fixtures focussing the brick wall instead of floor or table lamps. Wall-sconces will keep the ground free while moderately illuminating both the floor and the ceiling without unnecessary brightness in the evening.

Space-Saving Furniture

Get multipurpose or collapsible furniture items, especially those related to seating. Utilize the least possible floor space by replacing the long or boxy sofa with a narrow love-seat. Restrict elaboration in furniture design or soft furnishings.

Colour Palette

Select from whites, neutral or pastels to paint the other walls and even the ceiling with the same tone for creating the impression of unending space. You will find that the ceiling appears taller. Avoid the use of any wallpaper or pattern on the remaining walls or else the room will look busy. Painting of vertical stripes on the walls with a tone that is slightly darker than the hue of the walls is an ancient trick to visually increase the height of the ceiling.

Painting the Brick Wall

This is another way out for avoiding the room from appearing smaller and an architectural trend too. Getting an expert to paint the wall is important to ensure proper coating of the grooves between bricks and the wall edges with paint for its durability. If it is an aged brick wall then painting is a safe option to cover small holes or cracks on the bricks.

Don't think twice to keep a brick wall exposed even if the smallest of rooms in the house. For any assistance, call to avail accurate and budget-friendly interior decorating services in Kolkata.

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