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Deck Your Home Stress-Free in 4 Easy Steps

Our present lifestyle is sustained by gadgets for our daily needs, recreation and indulgences. We hardly take a moment to observe our natural surroundings that is a glare-free and keep our eyes fixed on the virtual reality either on the iPhone or the TV screen.

Home is the only place in the world where you can relax at your best and free of cost. No hotel bills and airfares to be paid whatsoever. A stress-free ambience not just helps you to unwind but also teaches a disciplined life to your kids during their growing years. Peace of mind has not left us but it is we who have let it go away. Better late than never once you have realised this truth. So, let's see how you can get back the long-lost tranquillity by the means of appropriate home decor.

Make Room for Free Movement

We start with the living room, which is typical of relaxation. Irrespective of the available space, there are 90 per cent chances of your living room to get cramped with your collection of furniture items over the years. Don't you need to make an effort to walk through the sitting area or freely roam around from one corner to the other of the room? That is quite annoying.

A single heavy centre table flanked by seaters creates a nuisance. Think of the inconvenience you face in picking up a handful of munching from the low table to fill your mouth while bits falling here and there.

I have a solution to this problem. Keep a small round wooden table near the sofa that should be only at a few inches gap from the wall. The round table top standing on a single base occupies little space and appears visually clean. Try to keep the surfaces as free as possible. Use sleek and basic furniture with upholstery in neutral shades. Place another mini round dining table with a few chairs tucked in leaving free space to demarcate it from the seating zone. You won't have to miss out on your favourite dinner time shows any more or don't worry about food stains on the pretty sofa. A sliding glass wall or floor-to-ceiling window in the living room acts as a focal point in itself without the need of having to watch television for recreation. For just one day, remove the usual crowd of knick-knacks or wall arts and paintings from the room and see the difference for yourself.

Add art to the living room in the form of simple useful objects such as the lampshade and area rug. Patterned furnishings need to be avoided since they are responsible for visual clutter.

Hide Your Pantry in the Cabinetry

A messy kitchen with appliances lying all over the countertop or island is a sight to panic when you are in a hurry for preparing the family breakfast. Several kitchen accidents, big or small, occur due to the lack of organization.

Utilize every possible wall space against the countertop, both above and below, for constructing cabinets with compartments of multiple sizes so that you can put in every little thing right from the spices to the appliances. Use a similar hue for the walls and the cabinets so that the latter beautifully blend into the background, thereby making the room appear spacious.

Rearrange the Foyer

Remove the shoe cupboard that stands in all glory against the wall of the entrance to amuse your guests with a couple of pairs, shoe horn or polishing brush lying on its top. Dot the area with potted green plants without blocking the way. Make a fine sitting arrangement by placing a bench with a rustic appeal. Hang a mirror on the wall instead of photo frames.

No TV in the Bedroom

It is the greatest of blunders in making your home ambience stressful. Bedtime movie watching is seriously injurious to the mind and the body. I mostly advise a verandah adjacent to the bedroom if you are planning the decor of a naked flat. The least you can do is, extend the window both horizontally and vertically such that almost a portion of the wall is occupied by it. Wake up to the silhouette of buildings outside or enjoy the nocturnal view of city traffic enfolded by the dark sky.

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