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Bid Adieu to These Home Interior Decor Trends in 2021

Home interior decoration in 2021 is all about spontaneity and it is farewell time for design trends that appear intentionally pushed in such as accent walls. Instead, a continuous sweep of wall colours is desired where you can use decorative accessories to carve out the much needed focal points.

White Kitchens

It is time to get rid of the all-white hangover this year. Cherry wood cabinets have lived their part in 2018 so you cannot hook onto those either. Green, grey and blue are the colours in trend to paint your kitchen cabinetry paired with countertops that shouldn't be white anymore.

Mix and Match

Your home interior is no music you are playing that you have to strangle it with a fixed type of theme and furniture. 2018 witnessed the use of mid-century modern furniture to boredom and now the interior decor finds solace in mixing furniture of different kinds without making it outlandish.

Avoid Too Much of Anything

No one can doubt the elegance of copper but using them all over the house looks repetitive. Instead, disperse all three metallic finishes such as brass, silver and copper to maintain a variation whether in the form of faucets, cabinet and door knobs or pendant lights

Undo Minimalism

It looks like that in order to make your home interiors outstand the minimalist theme of decor, you have almost taken out the life from it. Pull off a layered look to make your space comfortable as well as inviting.

No Specific Wall Art

After its comeback in the previous year, macrame wall art got heavily used in the home interiors. Trendy art forms are not the pick of 2021 but you can definitely choose items that you can personally relate with.

Bring Uniqueness to Backsplash

Forget the regular subway tiles as these make your kitchen backsplash no different from anyone else's. Select colourful themes such as back-painted glass, mosaic or ceramic tiles that can be arranged into beautiful decorative patterns. From stainless steel to adhesive tile mats, a whole range is available in the market these days. Pick any of them to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom shower but avoid the plain ones.

Get Out of Gray

All shades of grey have been used up last year when the colour stole the show in the interior design palette of 2018. It retains its charm without a doubt but requires to be underplayed to avoid becoming monotonous. Any other neutral shade would just be fine.

Wallpaper War

If you aren't intending a photoshoot for any magazine cover then get rid of that wallpaper with chunky patterns especially the ones with sprawling palm leaf motifs. Do not let your eyes be at war with the walls and instead get something that delights them.

Enough of Plants

A window sill or an empty wall dotted with potted plants in every room of the house won't detoxify the air at a faster rate. So, no need for replicating a tropical jungle inside your home. You are advised to reduce the proportions of the existing green at your house.

Hide Millennial Pink

This hue belonging to the broad category of pastels lies midway of peach to pink or vice-versa. It made its way to home interiors the previous year but has now fallen off the trend to get replaced by neutrals and shades of blue.

Tricky Decor Updates

Little changes make big differences. Therefore, the idea of replacing your expensive furniture items can be dropped down. If you have been using accessories with a rustic appeal then those can be reduced in number for the while the country house theme is off the loop.

When home makeover gets daunting for you or you wish to update it from time to time, contact us at to hire interior decorator. The size or space available in your home is no challenge as we are here to challenge it with design ideas and solutions that would otherwise be unimaginable for it.

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