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5 QuickTips to Welcome Spring in your Living Room!

Of all the seasons, Spring is the King though Summer is about to set in. Never mind, you can learn how to retain the vibe of the season in your living room even when the weather is sultry outside. No cosmetic fix or architectural renovation is required that will squeeze out your hard-earned savings. Instead, check out these easy steps that trick the eye and make you enjoy the beauty of Spring at home.

Hitting the Right Colour

Which colour does first come to your mind when you think of the vitality of Spring? It's 'Green' without a doubt. Why don't you use a sheer transparent vase with any indoor green plant inside it so as to highlight the centre table in the living room?

Paint the Walls a New

When thinking of Spring, the colours like red, orange and yellow usually get associated. But, too much use of any of these shades can cause havoc in the ambience of the room. Instead, use a subtle yellow on the walls to complement the colour of the curtains and cushion fabrics with blue and orange checks.

Showcase Seasonal Flowers

Whether an unused water bottle or a ceramic jug, it can be anything to hold a bunch of Nature's pretties creations of the season that brings joy to the heart with a simple glimpse of them. You may use both natural and artificial flowers in vibrant but romantic colours such as purple, pink or peach.

Bulky Furniture Not Allowed

A boxy sofa set visually occupies a larger space than the thin-legged seaters with partially open backs. These cane chairs and sofa look cool and give an airy feel with their sleek shapes and designed backs that do not create any obstruction to the sight. The best part is that you can paint these furniture items with the colour of your choice, as and when needed.

Flowery Floor

Spring theme is incomplete without the colour red but introducing it in the form of upholstery or window valance will appear overpowering. In order to avoid a loud decor, incorporate the hue in the form of motifs on an area rug spread over the floor.

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