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5 Alternatives to Painting Your Home Interiors

Not only tenants living in rental homes but even the proud owners of century-old residences find that painting the home interiors is sheer wastage of money. Everything else in the house is worth changing except the wall paint that again starts flaking off within 3 to 4 years. This is no knowledge but my personal experience at the house in which I reside.

In this expensive era, we need to be economical without compromising on aesthetics and solutions too, are available for the same. Modern technology and innovation have come up with incredible substitutes for paints that are beautiful and beneficial, as well.

Look-Alike Paints

Temporary paints are available these days that can be mistaken for a newly painted wall. In reality, it is an adhesive wall-covering that you simply need to stick onto the walls so as to make them appear painted instantly. Installation is easy and the room can also be accessed without any interruption since there is no smell of paint, which is odorous to many but I simply love it. Easy removal of these wall coverings by peeling them off make the walls ready if you want them to paint in future or change the existing colour. The wall coverings come in an array of shades to choose from.

Peel and Stick

Printed walls are very in these days, especially in the form of living room accent walls. This does not mean that you won't be able to use it in the bedroom or any other space in the house that you wish to highlight without the addition of multiple fancy decors or furniture items. A great many patterns are available in the market to catch your eye and express the temperament of your room.

Add Texture

If patterns or funky colours do not impress you then opt for texturing the walls with the use of your desired fabrics. Employ pushpins or tiny nails for covering the walls without leaving prominent marks on them. The other technique is to get foam boards with accurate dimensions of those of the walls to which the former will be attached after having been covered with the fabric. What a cool idea, isn't it!

Personalized Walls

Create your personal image gallery on any of the walls in the common passage or area. Frame a few of your memorable and cherished moments onto the large empty canvas (the wall without paint) to amuse yourself whenever you are down. Make sure to combine different frame shapes and sizes to achieve the offbeat look.

Art of Celebration

The intricately woven tapestries being, deeply rooted in mythology and royalty, are bound to make your walls expressive and lively but excess use of them can disrupt the appearance of the room. Use these only for creating the accent wall of the room while leaving the other three subdued.

Whenever you are in need of such alternatives, log onto to hire interior designer online who will meet your every requirement in the best possible way that is worth the valuable money you intend to invest.

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